Hand-Tailored Artist Management

Develop one of the only tools that you will use your entire career  YOU.



Ideation session

  • One hour coaching session

  • Can be scheduled at any time

  • Great for someone who:

    • feels overwhelmed by all of their ideas.

    • needs one time feedback from a coach with a fresh “outsider's” perspective.

    • has already completed a coaching program and is interested in the occasional maintenance session to prevent them from getting stuck, losing focus, or falling back into bad habits.


Individual Coaching


  • Monthly packages with weekly & bi-weekly meeting options available.
  • Can be started at any time.
  • All individual packages include a pre & post coaching questionnaire that allow us to identify your needs and track your progress.
  • This is a perfect option for someone who is ready to make the commitment to improve individual performance, remain focused, reach specific targets and goals, identify solutions to specific work-related challenges, grow in self-awareness, and lead successful & growing business teams.
  • Packages are a great value! Bundle & save.
Just as an athletic coach would guide their team from pre-season to play-off season, business coaching often benefits from coaching through several key seasons of business life.

Group Coaching

  • Connect with your coach as well as other Craft consultants and business leaders to get feedback, network, and learn from their mistakes/victories

  • Meet weekly or bi-weekly for 6-12 weeks depending on the group.

  • Perfect fit for someone looking for an economical alternative to individual coaching who is looking to gain wisdom from a group.

Our groups fill quickly. New opportunities for Group Coaching are announced periodically as new groups become available. Join the waiting list today to receive an invitation before it becomes available to the public.

Corporate Coaching

  • For a full team that may be going into a period of rapid growth, before the launch of a new product/objective, or during leadership transition.

  • Receive feedback on organizational structure & team dynamics.

  • Learn how to get the most from each team member.

  • A Craft consultant will travel to your city and spend a day understanding how your organization operates. We'll then work with you to set goals and create a plan of action to help you meet your organizational goals.

  • Follow-up calls will be conducting weekly or bi-weekly with key members to help ensure you overcome challenges until your goals are met.


successfully navigate a season of transition

How you migrate through a transition period strongly indicates the likelihood of overall business success. A season of transition can take many forms, including personal career transition, leaving a “secure" job to pursue entrepreneurship, rapid business growth, change in leadership, or change in corporate culture & structure.  

build/refine your business structure, goals, or identity

Whether you're just starting out or are adjusting your current model, having a clear business identity, goals, and structure will allow you to streamline your processes, save valuable time, trim unnecessary expenses, maximize your team, and provide you with a strong foundation to communicate your brand.

build your platform or launch a new product

We all want more people to love and buy our products, but it is sometimes hard to know whether the content we are producing is communicating the message we want heard. A coach can be an invaluable resource. They want you to succeed, and they are willing to gently provide objective feedback and help you stay motivated and on task.

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