Church Development

All development options are designed to aid you in the process of Discovering, Defining, Developing, and Delivering.


First Time Visitor Audit

We all want visitor’s to feel welcomed and experience the love of Christ when they first visit our church. However, if you're not seeing repeat visitors, there may be a lack of consistency in your message. Or you might just realize that as someone on the “inside” it’s hard to know how guest really experience walking into your church for the first time. Doing a First Time Visitor Audit will give you the data and tools that you need to ensure your guest feel welcomed and loved.

What does this look like:

  • Completion of a “ church secret shopper” visit.

  • Review of current visitor engagement initiatives.

  • Detailed evaluation of our findings about visiting your church.

  • Custom checklist of the areas of basic opportunities for you to improve your guest engagement.

  • List of resources to help you execute certain recommendations.

  • Additional services, such as hosting a workshop for your guest services team, may be added.

Vision Development

“…Write down the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it.” (Habakkuk 2:2, ESV)

God has given each and every leader that he has called into ministry a vision for the people that they serve. I have heard vision burning inside so many Pastor’s hearts. A vision of a healthy church, a vision of seeing their congregation reach their community, a vision of leading a biblically literate flock. But yet, I have had so many conversations with Pastor’s who are afraid to articulate their vision. Or they don’t know how to take the vision and consolidate it into a sentence or two that their people can embrace.

What does vision development look like:

  • Vision Development is is focused on helping you discover and define your vision

  • The first step is a one hour discovery assessment of your background and vision.

  • After the first meeting, we will have 3 additional one-on-one sessions focused on following up on your homework and crafting your message.



Strategy Development

Your community has both unique needs and resources. How you steward those resources to meet the needs of the community, often takes stratagy. Sometimes it takes someone on the outside to recognize resources that you don’t even know you have. We can help you develop custom strategies to expand your community outreach, to build a financial stewardship campaign, to maximize staff roles on a shoestring budget, or to launch a new ministry initiative or program.

What does strategy development look like:

  • The first step is a mini audit and strategy consultation focused understanding the development area.

  • We will then work with you to create a strategy as well as identify potential challenges in implementation.

  • You will be given a custom checklist to help you move forward.

  • List of resources to help you execute certain recommendations.

  • Additional services, such as hosting a team training, may be added.


"You can't build something, without something changing."