Frames Conference


We love dreamers! There’s a longing inside of us (at Craft Consultancy) to be around people with wild ambitious and sometimes seemingly impossible dreams. Dreamers carry a certain passion inside of them that inspire the rest of us to keep the world moving forward.

However, the challenge with dreamers is that they can sometimes get stuck in their dreams, and their visions never become reality. It is rare and inspiring to meet a dreamer, who is willing to take risks to make their dream come true. One such person is Ismael Burciaga, the founder of Circles Co. He is also the founder of a one day event, called Frames. Frames is a one day conference focused on equipping and inspiring filmmakers to improve their Craft.

In creating Frames, Ishmael Burciaga also allowed other dreamers to share their success stories. The conference was filled with both hobbyist and Hollywood filmmakers and directors. One speaker talked about his journey in the video industry. He started by working one day a week at local church to help put clips together for them. Although his early work wasn’t Hollywood worthy, he continued to show up each week and improve his skills. This man is now over all the video production at Newspring, a 14 campus organization. 

Frames reminded us that there is no beginning too humble. It is powerful to be reminded that even those whom we currently consider to be widely successful had to start somewhere. It takes courage to create road maps, set aside money, and take the time to make dreams come true. It’s starting the journey feels hard, that is because it is. But it was hard for others also, and they have been able to make their dreams reality. 

So let us all be encouraged and inspired by Ismael Burciaga and his work at Frames. We can follow his example and take risk to make our dreams come true. By pursuing his dream, he is inspiring others to do the same and in return leaving a very significant mark on the world. You too can make a difference. Take the risk, it’s worth it!

Daniel LaShea